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The purpose of these songs is to establish an electronic archive that will serve to promote the understanding, and appreciation of Haitian music. We want to encourage you to go to and buy these albums from Sweet Mickey, T-Vice, Zin and Carimi, Emeline Michel. Support these Haitian musicians they work Hard. To listen better to the musics, download Real Player Listen to Maurice Sixto Click on Ti Saintanise
Haitian Music Compas ( Kompa )
Zin Haiti
Tet Poul Wyclef Jean
Sweet Mickey 100%caca
Emeline Miche Mwen bezwen pou ou renmen'm
Sweet Mickey 700 Dolla
kanaval2002 Mickey
T-Vice Suavemente
Coupe Cloue Gangati manga
Carimi Micki An Nou fimin lokal(new)
Zin ti randevou (new)
Coupe Cloue Problem Gason
St Antoine Coupe Cloue
Kompa Coupe CLoue Mon compere
Carimi I wanna be your man(new)
Carimi Sensible
Coupe Cloue Fanm se poto(new)
Coupe Cloue Donki
Bemol Telfort Sadness is my best Friend(new)
Georgia Ray Charles
Bemol Telfort Roselie(new)
Bemol Telfort Soley(new)
Ke'm pa Sote Ane Sa Boukman Xperians
Twoubadou I am the big boss now
Knock me Off My feet Donnel Jones
St Antoine Coupe Cloue
Classical Singers and French Singers
Claude Barzotti Belle
Barzotti Ou C'etait
Barzotti Prends Moi Comme Je suis
Barzotti Sarah
Florence Barzotti
Mais ou est la musique
Barzotti Elle Me tue
Barzotti VadoVia(new)
Barzotti Qui me remplacera(new)
Mais L'aventure
Ecris-Moi Pierre Bachelet
Elle est D'alleurs Pierre Bachelet
Enrico Macias Les gens du Nord(new)
Enrico Macias L'amour C'est pour rien (new)
Charles Aznavour Yesterday(new)
Isabelle Jacques Brel(new)
French Rap
Pit Bacardi Tu me manques
Tibato Politicien
Pit Bacardi Le monde nous appartient
La Dessalinienne
La Dessalinienne Lyrics
Tibato Peche
Maitre Gims - Est-Ce Que Tu M Aimes(new)