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Pro-democracy woman's march in December 2003 by Jafrikayiti.
Video of SOPUDEP school in Port-au-Prince.
'The Welfare Poets' provide a history lesson in this music video.
A moving video and song. Vox is a haitian artist living in Montreal. He grew up in limbe 25kms from Cap-Haitien. Vox poses the question "How many 'boat people' have lost their lives or endured great hardship trying to leave their countries because of economic and political oppression?"
Crowing Rooster traveled to South Africa to interview former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
"Cité Soleil Under Siege," by Boomerang Politik. Directed by Kevin Pina.
February 7, 2004: Hundreds of thousands rally in Port-au-Prince in the defense of democracy and against the creaping coup. Not only was it one of the largest demonstrations in the history of Haiti but it received virtually no coverage in the Haitian or foreign corporate media.
In 1994 Haiti was in full rebellion against the de facto government. Thousands protested and rioted on the streets calling for the return of the elected President. Tony Smith and Tim Exton were on the streets of Port Au Prince to witness the upheaval.
Dr Paul Farmer gives advice to college students and those joining the struggle against AIDS.
A homemade video on Paul Farmer and Partners in Health.
Mumia Abu-Jamal speaks on the 2004 coup in Haiti. "Make no mistake, we are witnessing a coup taking place on the island nation of Haiti. The forced departure of Haitian President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was something that the Bush administration has been trying to do for years."
Haiti Today Occupation & Resistance part #1 of 4, (6min) on 9-9-6 in Berkley CA, A short history by Marilyn of The Haiti Action Committee. - The full video is 2 hr with B. Concannon, Dr. P. Farmer, Fr.Jean-Juste.